Payment on Delivery

You can order from our online store and pay when the product you order is delivered to you. 

By Credit / Debit Card: Every purchase from the website can, if the buyer chooses, be paid for using VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards. Transactions are carried out electronically and safely in real time, between the cardholder (the buyer) and the National Bank which handles the transaction on behalf of the company. The company is not involved in this process in any way and the sensitive details from your credit / debit card are not stored in its system. The company does not bear any responsibility and has no obligation to return the money if the buyer uses a credit card which is not in their name.

Bank account deposit






After making the payment, send proof of deposit to “”, stating the full name of the buyer and the order code.



The products are shipped with a transport company and are delivered safely to the address you specified within 6-10 working days from the day the order was paid for.

The company does not acknowledge the existence of any responsibility if a delivery is delayed due to extreme weather events, strikes or force majeure, in which case the above delivery deadline will be extended as long as the reason for the delay continues. Products are always accompanied by the relevant documents. The customer may choose the type of document he wants (retail receipt or invoice) by filling in the relevant field in the website